What People Say

See what our parents and students have to say about our classes.

"(Music Together® is) totally fabulous!...I can't think of a more perfect program for parent/child time - great skills learned".

Parent of Ellie

"Music Together has been an amazing experience for my child and me. (She) sings all day long! She can even adapt melodies to her own lyrics. We can't say enough about Miss Brenda's teaching ability and style as well as communication and caring for everyone."

Parent of Luke

"My daughter and I love to come to class! Prior to taking the class, we always enjoyed music and dance, but this puts special attention to it at least for one morning a week and that's wonderful in our hectic lives."

Parent of Anna

"My son is having the best time and learning so much.  My husband and I are very impressed with the content, projects and the amount he is learning (at Curiosity Club)."

Jane Walsh

"THANK YOU!  My son had the time of his life (at Curiosity Club)!  I appreciate all of your (and your staff's) time and dedication - you obviously make a difference in so many lives!"

Michele Banza

" It was so fun to hear his excited play-by-play of the class activities when he got in the car.  (I don't get the same kind of debriefing from his regular school days).  I love the weekly happy chatter on the ride home from Curiosity Club."

Toni Rardin

 "I'm sure you've heard this a ton, but your program is so awesome!  While my daughter is really enjoying kindergarten, I can't hardly get Payton to share much about her school day...but she tells us all about Curiosity Club!  And the list of questions you send home to prompt the kids is GREAT!  Thank you!! for coming up with a fun, creative, entertaining way for kindergartners to learn."

Lorrie Grove

" I think Curiosity Club is a wonderful opportunity for kindergarten age children.  My own children have enjoyed the hands-on experiences and the in-depth explorations of the many different topics.  I appreciate that the curriculum is fun, educational, and encompasses a variety of cross-curricular experiences.  The teachers are loving and create a safe and comfortable environment for all children.  I think this program is a terrific supplement to any kindergartner's education."

Kathy Frain Kindergarten Teacher

" With a kindergarten program of 2 hours and 55 minutes and a huge emphasis placed on reading, writing and math, there is not a lot of time to squeeze in much of anything else.  When I'm teaching a quick science or social studies lesson, I love it when some of my students say; "I'm making a connection.  This reminds me of when we were learning about...in Curiosity Club!" 

As I'm saying my goodbyes to my morning class and wishing them a great afternoon, I always have several students who reply, "I will because it's a Curiosity Club day!"

Laura Farah Kindergarten Teacher

"I can't say enough about Curiosity Club!  It has been a wonderful experience for my daughter.  She is so excited about all of the topics you have covered and it has really stimulated a lot of fun discussions, such as gum coming from gum trees in the rain forest or discussions about carbonation.  She looks at the world with questions that have been fostered by Curiosity Club.  It has been a great first time exposure to science and has set the stage for many more positive experiences.  The staff is fabulous, knowledgeable and caring.  My daughter has a severe peanut allergy and I never felt that she would be put in danger."

Angela Carlson

" I can't say enough about the lasting benefits of Curiosity Club.  My son attended all throughout Kindergarten.  It was the highlight of his week. The activities encouraged and developed higher level thinking skills. It strengthened his natural desire to investigate the "whys" of life.  To this day he says, "Oh, I learned that in Curiosity Club."

Janet Worley Director of Educati

" Curiosity Club stirred a lot of excitement in my two children during their kindergarten year. They craved the hands-on, thematic studies that this program provided. The learning was intensive but always fun, and always on their level. They still remember so much of what they learned then, and that was years ago! I thought Curiosity Club really rounded out their education and propelled them through those primary years. It was something they always, always looked forward to and came out bubbling with excitement afterward."


Stacey Baird 4th Grade Teacher

" Curiosity Club is an amazing kindergarten enrichment program.  My own children loved this program.  I was amazed at how excited my kids were every time they came out of class and they could not wait to go back!  I am extremely impressed with the curriculum, which allows for differentiation.  Each lesson is filled with different activities for all types of learners.  Every child is challenged and excited about learning every week.  I am also impressed with the all of the different skills the children are working on while studying one theme.  They are reading, writing, doing math, and working on their social skills, all while being excited about the science or social studies based theme for that week!"

Brenda Bauer Teacher